Collaborate smarter with your team and the Helium community

Hotspotty helps you work smarter with your team to optimize your hotspot portfolio and is also a unique platform for communication and collaboration with your local Helium community. By enabling you to work with other willing hotspot owners and partners, you can join forces, learn from each other, solve problems, and continually improve the people’s network – together.

Team collaboration

Create multiple workspaces, user accounts and permission settings 

Team workspaces

If you have people working with you to manage your hotspot portfolio, you can leverage Hotspotty’s data and functionality across your team by adding separate workspaces for different members and/or data.

Invite team members

Are you managing multiple hotspots or perhaps you are planning new locations? Hotspotty allows you to add additional members to your workspace to collaborate on a shared data source. A must-have for hotspot fleet managers who need the transparency and flexibility when scalling their operations.

Change members roles

We currently offer 2 permission levels to help manage access and control. With admin access, you can change workspace settings and invite new members to the workspace. As a member, you cannot invite new members or change workspace settings.

Configure labels

Hotspotty features the ability to add labels to hotspots, wallets, locations, contacts and instals. Quickly gain access to all these labels within your workspace for easy access and editing.

Internal workspace comments for hotspots, locations, contacts and installs.

When deploying multiple hotspots and planning future installs, its important to log important activities. It’s easier than ever to organize your communications, by enabling you to add internal workspace comments, across hotspots, wallets, locations, contacts and installs. This helps everyone easily record and find relevant key information. You can even “@” your team members in comments to automatically email them.

Add Internal workspace pictures and documents for hotspots, locations, contacts and installs (coming soon).

Similar to workspace comments, workspace pictures and documents allow teams to upload important photos and documents to hotspots, wallets, locations, contacts and installs. You can even “@” your team members to automatically email them.

Community collaboration

Message verified hotspot owners in your hexes, with integrated and localised Discord chat

Contact and be contacted by other hotspot owners

Verifying your wallet also gives you the option to be automatically added to separate Discord channels for owners who have hotspots in the same or neighboring hexes.

1 Understand

Easily visualize and completely understand all your Helium hotspot data, on one platform.

2 Optimize

Manage, plan and optimize locations with advanced tools

3 Monitor

Monitor and manage all your hotspots in one place with advanced notifications

4 Collaborate

Collaborate with your team and the community with integrated Discord chat

5 Payout

Keep your hosts happy with assisted HNT, IOT, MOBILE and FIAT payouts

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