Manage, plan and optimize your hotspot locations ​

Hotspotty is the most powerful solution for planning and optimizing your portfolio of hotspots and locations, featuring advanced reward scale analytics not available anywhere else.

Import multiple locations easily or use global search to add manually

Power users can add multiple locations in one go for planning purposes with a KML or CSV file. Alternatively, you can use the global search function to find any address with ease.

Add new and potential locations by dropping a pin in map view

The maps function also allows you to search for locations in satellite view, or by address – and then drop a pin to add it to your locations. You can also note the installation height and the name of the relevant contact.

See and manage all your planned locations, in one list

Our location management tool shows all your planned locations addresses and associated coordinates, as well as simulated reward scale, associated install and hotspot name – plus any labels you have added to the location. You can also easily add new locations to at the press of a button.

Easily add contacts and manage their information

Add, remove, or update contact information such as contact name, email phone number and tax id. Associate contacts with locations and commission agreements.

Understand simulated reward scale for planned locations

Check how additional installs will impact current network performance and HNT earnings in any location – and see average simulated reward scale across planned locations.

Simulate placement options on the map

You can check the transmit scale of a potential location with a simple drag and drop function on the map. Hotspotty will then tell you the estimated transmit performance at one of five levels, from terrible to excellent. You can also enable or disable whether hotspots around this location are included in the simulation, to see how their interactivity impacts performance.

Simulations - Predict hotspot performance

Simulate estimated proof of coverage by simply adding a location and its associated elevation into our point to multi point tool. Our tool does all the hard work for you and will simulate how many other hotspots in the region it will witness and provides a performance classification about how it might perform if deployed. Great for assessing multiple locations and choosing the best locations from many!

Line of sight tool

Our line-of-sight tool easily demonstrates if a proposed hotspot location will have its signal impeded or not from 1 location to another. This quickly allows you to understand if a new location will witness other hotspots or provide good coverage.

Find problematic hexes or neighboring hexes with spare capacity, as per HIP 15 & 17

Rank hexes in a region by reward scale from excellent to inactive, see the number of hotspots in those hexes, and see exactly how many hotspots they have capacity for – or should be removed.

See which hotspots are too close to witness each other

Hotspots are color-coded on the map and clearly marked with the distance between them.

Check location elevation and satellite view

Toggle map contours and satellite view on or off, making it easier to assess an area’s geography for suitability for new locations based on height or local terrain.

1 Understand

Easily visualize and completely understand all your Helium hotspot data, on one platform.

2 Optimize

Manage, plan and optimize your hotspot locations with advanced tools

3 Monitor

Monitor and manage all your hotspots in one place with advanced notifications

4 Collaborate

Collaborate with your team and the community with integrated Discord chat

5 Payout

Keep your hosts happy with assisted HNT and FIAT payouts

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