Manage, plan and optimize your hotspot locations ​

Hotspotty is the most powerful solution available for organizing your portfolio of hotspots, contacts and locations. Advanced reward scale analytics also help you plan installs and troubleshoot device locations.

Import multiple locations easily or use global search to add manually

Power users can add multiple locations in one go for planning purposes with a KML or CSV file. Alternatively, you can use the global search function to find any address with ease.

See simulated reward scale for planned locations

Check how additional installs will impact current network performance and HNT earnings in any location – and see average simulated reward scale across planned locations.

Advanced labeling helps you organize easily and search quickly

You can add a range of combinable labels to make it easier to search hotspots, wallets, contacts, locations and installs across your portfolio.

See which hotspots are too close to witness each other

Hotspots are color coded on the map and clearly marked with the distance between them.

Find problematic hexes or neighboring hexes with spare capacity, as per HIP 15 & 17

Rank hexes in a region by reward scale from excellent to inactive, see the number of hotspots in those hexes, and see exactly how many hotspots they have capacity for – or should be removed.

Two different simulation options show how you can optimize your reward scale

  1. Eliminate hotspots from a hex to reduce density.
  2. Add more hotspots to neighboring hexes to increase capacity.

1 Understand

Easily visualize and completely understand all your Helium hotspot data, on one platform.

2 Optimize

Plan and optimize locations with advanced reward scale analytics

3 Collaborate

Collaborate with the community and your team with integrated Discord chat

4 Payout

Keep your hosts and partners happy with assisted HNT payouts

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