Advanced payment management

Hotspotty’s advanced payments management technology helps you solve one of the biggest headaches of owning a large hotspot portfolio. Making it easier to keep your hosts and partners happy – without all the manual admin.

Easily create date and time zone-specific commission reports

Generate commission reports between any start and end date, in multiple currencies including HNT, IOT & MOBILE, in whatever time zone you need to account for.

View and audit commission reports in detail

Our commission reports show you all the contacts you’ve paid commissions to, as well as the payment method, payment status, and number of commission paid to each host.You can also go deeper into commission reports to view which contacts and wallet addresses payments have been sent to, and what hotspots the agreed earnings percentages have been taken from. It’s also easy to filter all commission reports by individual contact or payment status, so you can review and audit accordingly.

Commission reports overview

The overview page shows you all the commission reports you have created, when they where created, as well as the date period of the report, time zone, currency used and total commission paid. You can even download a raw JSON file and audit the contents of the commission report.

Percentage-based token rewards (HNT, IOT & MOBILE) and fixed fiat commissions - with payment templates

When setting up new payments, you can also choose to pay a percentage of HNT, IOT or MOBILE earnings, or a fixed amount in a range of fiat currencies, and whether to set this as the default payment method. Hotspotty also enables you to create default commission templates with different agreed percentages of shared HNT rewards, and link them to contacts, installs and locations – to streamline the payment setup process.

Batch multiple payees together - and pay them - with a single QR code or deep link on mobile

You can use QR codes to pay multiple contacts – up to 25 per code – the correct amount, using the QR code scanner in the Helium app. Hotspotty enables you to pay contacts individually as well.

Smart features that prevent payment mistakes before they happen

Crucially, Hotspotty automatically prevents duplicate commission payments, and warns you if important data is missing, such as a valid wallet address.

Automatically view and track wallet transactions.

Easily track all ingoing and outgoing HNT transactions for all wallets added to your workspace. View date, tx amount, sender, recipients, memo and status. You can even open each transaction individually and view more detailed information for intelligent auditing and analysis.

Give your hosts access to a more advanced dashboard

Provide your hosts and partners with a special login so they can view in real time their current earnings for any given time period. Additionally, our host dashboard allows a user to upload potential new locations for future hotspot installs.

1 Understand

Easily visualize and completely understand all your Helium hotspot data, on one platform.

2 Optimize

Plan and optimize locations with advanced reward scale analytics.

3 Monitor

Monitor and manage all your hotspots in one place with advanced notifications.

4 Collaborate

Collaborate with the community and your team with integrated Discord chat.

5 Payout

Keep your hosts happy with assisted HNT, IOT, MOBILE and FIAT payouts

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