Manage and automate partner payouts

Hotspotty’s automated payouts solves one of the biggest headaches of owning a large hotspot portfolio. Making it easier to keep your hosts and partners happy – without all the admin.

Easily add contacts and manage their information

Add, remove or update contact information, such as hotspot name to stay on top of all your accounts.

Streamlined contract management and automated payment

Add and track commission agreements for different partners, such as host or referral – across all your installs. Hotspotty works out the exact amounts to pay, even accounting for blockchain transaction fees to multiple wallets – and can pay them all automatically.

Advanced labeling helps you organize easily and search quickly

You can add a range of combinable labels to categorize contacts and payments across your portfolio.

Batch multiple HNT payees together – and pay them – with a single QR code

You can use QR codes to pay multiple contacts – up to 40 per code – the correct amount, using the QR code scanner in the Helium app.

Produce exportable reports for fiat accounting

Create CSV file reports of rewards and payouts, with accurate fiat amounts at the time of transaction, which can be shared for traditional accounting.

1 Understand

Easily visualize and completely understand all your Helium hotspot data, on one platform.

2 Optimize

Plan and optimize locations with advanced reward scale analytics

3 Colloaborate

Collaborate with the community and your team with integrated Discord chat

4 Payout

Keep your hosts and partners happy with automated HNT payouts

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