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Earn commission by using your skills to help Hotspotty users. The Hotspotty Academy offers individual courses on a variety of subjects, like how to use Hotspotty to deploy and manage your fleet, how to pay your partners, and much more. 

How it works

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Register with the Hotspotty Academy.

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Become a Hotspotty certified professional by completing online training.

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Share your certified badge with your customers and the community.

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Receive leads and onboard clients with Hotspotty and earn commission.

About Hotspotty Academy

You will have access to interactive training to help you learn how to use Hotspotty, grow your expertise, earn and share certification badges.

Free resource

The Hotspotty Academy is an educational resource for contractors and Helium professionals who join the Hotspotty ecosystem.

Directory listing

Depending on your level, you may have access to a directory listing where you can feature your company’s contact details.


You can complete courses at your own pace and pick up where you left off at any time.

Get certified

Earn certifications by completing specialized courses and short tests. After you pass all tests and earn your certification, you will receive a virtual badge that you can share with current and potential clients.

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Get certified and earn commission by using your skills to help Hotspotty users.

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