Consensus 2022

Using vouchers on Hotspotty

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If you have received a voucher to use on Hotspotty, lucky you!
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You’ll need to follow a few simple steps to make sure your experience is smooth.

How it works

1 Choose your feature plan

Hotspotty offers Pro and Business plans. Compare our features and make the right choice for your business. Compare feature plans.

2 Personalize your plan

Enter the expected number of hotspots and monthly super simulation credits. Review & Confirm before you click in complete purchase button.

3 Add your coupon code

Add your coupon code and proceed with the checkout. Coupon code: Consensus2022 Now you are ready to try Hotspotty for free for 30 days!

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Hotspotty Consensus 2022 FAQs

The Hotspotty Consensus 2022 Coupon program will provide $ 25 off vouchers to be used in Hotspotty platform.

Helium network builders, hobbyists, startups, smb’s etc.

You can use your $25 coupon in 3 easy steps –

  1. Choose your feature plan
  2. Configure your plan Adding hotspots & simulations and proceed with the purchase!
  3. Add your coupon code ” Consensus2022″ and complete the checkout. 

You can redeem your consensus coupon by the 10th of July. 

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