Blog 18th August 2021

Hotspotty 2.0 – let’s do this! 🚀

Hi there!

You might have heard an update was on the way? Well, we’re excited to announce it’s finally here! Hotspotty 2.0 is ready to go, so start exploring now!


As there’s a lot to digest, we will be releasing in two phases so that:

  1. You can get to grips with the new Hotspotty 2.0 features.
  2. We will integrate Hotspotty 1.0 payment features into 2.0.

Here’s what’s coming…


Phase 1- Available now

Easily visualize all your Helium hotspot data


Plan and optimize locations with advanced reward scale analytics

Collaborate with your team and the community with integrated Discord chat

Phase 2 available in 1 month…

Integration of Hotspotty 1.0 payout management into 2.0 plus more cool features such as:

  1. Practical batch payouts
  2. Automated payment tracking
  3. Financial statement reporting

Important Notice:

The Hotspotty 1.0 app (including all your data) and website/login will still be available here until further notice.  We are building a migration wizard to port all your data across to Hotspotty 2.0!

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