Manage Helium Wallets

Hi there 👋, Although Hotspotty is considered to be ‘your all-in-one tool for building the Helium network’, many of our users haven’t been able to experience this platform’s full potential. Our features have gained us notoriety amongst the helium community as we are known for:  Understanding Data Optimizing Locations Monitoring & Management Collaboration Automating payouts […]

Hotspotty Glossary

Hotspotty Glossary

Hi there👋,  With all the new updates brought in by Hotspotty, terms like:  Super simulations, locations, install and time travel may still be quite new to you. That’s why this week’s blog will be dedicated to helping the community understand all the terms that are commonly used in the Hospotty and Helium Ecosystem. Workspace: Everything […]

Hotspotty V1 - Sunsetting

📣 Sunsetting Hotspotty V1

Hello there 👋🏼 Hotspotty was first released in November 2020. It started as a small project (initially called to fulfill a personal need to manage our host payments. At that time, the helium network was only starting to get lit 🔥, with less than 10k hotspots, versus the 750k now! We swallowed the helium […]

Hotspotty Commercial Launch

Now we are live: Commercial Launch 🚀

Hi there 👋, After almost one year in Beta, The Hotspotty team would proudly like to announce that our commercial launch has been a success! We dearly thank you, the community, for trusting and choosing Hotspotty as your ultimate all-in-one tool. The commercial launch has demonstrated how innovative these last few months at Hotspotty have […]

Maker Partnership Program

Hotspotty Revised Plans and New Pricing

Hi there 👋, The Hotspotty team is super excited to announce the release of the new commercial offer, that goes live on April 2nd! We’ve continuously worked throughout the last 7 months developing and improving upon all aspects of our service – from software features to pricing – in order to bring you the ultimate […]

Hotspotty Commercial Launch 🚀

Hi there! Wow – it’s been a productive 7 months! At Hotspotty we’re super excited about the progress and even more so about the future. Here’s a quick update about what’s new and what’s on the way! 🚀 The Launch of Hotspotty 2.0, Phase 1 The Hotspotty 2.0 launch last summer has been a massive success with […]

Hotspotty 2.0 – let’s do this! 🚀

Hi there! You might have heard an update was on the way? Well, we’re excited to announce it’s finally here! Hotspotty 2.0 is ready to go, so start exploring now!   As there’s a lot to digest, we will be releasing in two phases so that: You can get to grips with the new Hotspotty 2.0 […]

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