Blog 11th April 2022

Now we are live: Commercial Launch 🚀

Hi there 👋,

After almost one year in Beta, The Hotspotty team would proudly like to announce that our commercial launch has been a success! We dearly thank you, the community, for trusting and choosing Hotspotty as your ultimate all-in-one tool. 

The commercial launch has demonstrated how innovative these last few months at Hotspotty have been. The team has continuously focused on improving the visualization & pricing aspect of our software introducing Hotspotty’s new super simulations and Payout features. 


📣 Here are the benefits you can expect from using these features:

📣 Super simulations

Hotspotty’s super simulation is the perfect tool for saving time, money, and optimizing your installs. Super simulations allow you to assess the potential of a location for a hotspot installation.

Through elevation profiles, Hotspotty can calculate which hotspots and other workspace locations have a clear line of sight from the given location at a specified height above the ground. 

This classification allows you to compare different locations and installation heights so that you can make an informed decision about your hotspot deployments.

📣 Payout features

Hotspotty’s new payout features will provide you and your team members with a quick and more flexible experience. 

Through customizable forms of payment, you may now select the frequency at which payouts are sent to selected contacts. You will be able to choose from the following options: Pay or receive through a percentage of rewards, a recurring fixed amount on a monthly basis or a one-time fixed amount fee. 

The payouts are available in different forms of currencies as well as crypto, giving you full control over what coin best suits your needs!

The future looks bright for the Hotspotty community as we have a lot of things planned for the upcoming months! These include: The launch of our Mobile app, new features coming to the Hotspotty app and much more!

We’d like to thank the community once again for being part of this amazing journey. We are extremely motivated to keep delivering the best tooling out there for building the Helium network.

As always, you can follow the Hotspotty journey on Twitter, Discord and YouTube.

The Hotspotty Team 

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