Blog 2nd March 2022

Hotspotty Commercial Launch 🚀

Hi there!

Wow – it’s been a productive 7 months! At Hotspotty we’re super excited about the progress and even more so about the future. Here’s a quick update about what’s new and what’s on the way!

🚀 The Launch of Hotspotty 2.0, Phase 1

The Hotspotty 2.0 launch last summer has been a massive success with over 150,000 registered users and counting! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and has assisted us to continuously tailor our feature set to the needs of the Helium community. Lots of bugs have been fixed, scaling and performance challenges have been addressed and many features have been added! We are excited to release even more in the near future!

📣 We're moving from beta to commercial

By 1st of April, Hotspotty will transition from beta to freemium. Check out our Pricing and Plans as well as our Migration Guide that explains how existing workspaces exceeding the Hotspotty Community Plan (Free plan) will be treated.

⭐ New features since launch:

We have received over 270 feature requests with hundreds of upvotes! 

Feedback from the community is much appreciated and has been instrumental in delivering the best tooling in the industry. Check out the Hotspotty feedback portal and get voting.

👀 Look out for what's coming soon

Phase 2 is nearly complete. With this next release you’ll be able to:

  • White label solution – Hotspotty will also be available as a white label solution if you are interested in integrating or providing this service to your own customer base of hosts or hotspot owners and want to keep your own branding.
  • Mobile iOS and Android app – All of the features you expect from hotspotty but on your mobile phone including hotspot onboarding!

A massive thank you for being part of this amazing journey. We are extremely motivated to keep delivering the best tooling out there for building the Helium network.

As always, you can follow the Hotspotty journey on TwitterDiscord and YouTube.

The Hotspotty Team

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