Hotspotty V1 - Sunsetting

📣 Sunsetting Hotspotty V1

Hello there 👋🏼 Hotspotty was first released in November 2020. It started as a small project (initially called to fulfill a personal need to manage our host payments. At that time, the helium network was only starting to get lit 🔥, with less than 10k hotspots, versus the 750k now! We swallowed the helium […]

Hotspotty Commercial Launch

Now we are live: Commercial Launch 🚀

Hi there 👋, After almost one year in Beta, The Hotspotty team would proudly like to announce that our commercial launch has been a success! We dearly thank you, the community, for trusting and choosing Hotspotty as your ultimate all-in-one tool. The commercial launch has demonstrated how innovative these last few months at Hotspotty have […]

Maker Partnership Program

Hotspotty Revised Plans and New Pricing

Hi there 👋, The Hotspotty team is super excited to announce the release of the new commercial offer, that goes live on April 2nd! We’ve continuously worked throughout the last 7 months developing and improving upon all aspects of our service – from software features to pricing – in order to bring you the ultimate […]

Hotspotty Commercial Launch 🚀

Hi there! Wow – it’s been a productive 7 months! At Hotspotty we’re super excited about the progress and even more so about the future. Here’s a quick update about what’s new and what’s on the way! 🚀 The Launch of Hotspotty 2.0, Phase 1 The Hotspotty 2.0 launch last summer has been a massive success with […]

Hotspotty 2.0 – let’s do this! 🚀

Hi there! You might have heard an update was on the way? Well, we’re excited to announce it’s finally here! Hotspotty 2.0 is ready to go, so start exploring now!   As there’s a lot to digest, we will be releasing in two phases so that: You can get to grips with the new Hotspotty 2.0 […]

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